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"The resting lioness", by Charles VALTON

A very nice sculpture from the great artist Charles VALTON (1851-1918) reproduced in a limited edition of 100 pieces.
1.350,00 €

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BENNETON GRAVEUR remembers his past times back in the XIXth and early XXth century. At that time, besides our engraving activity, we were producing bronze casts from the most famous artists.
We have selected among our collection of bronze antics this really nice cast that we publish again in a one and only edition of 100 pieces, numbered and engraved "BENNETON Editions".

The original cast has been released in the very early XXth century, and preciously kept since then in our collection
This new release has been executed according to the strict rules and regulations of art bronze, setting the standards of the bronze purity and of the chisel and patina work. This patina is faithful to the original one, brown with golden shades, and a remarkable transparency, typical from the XIXth century.

Valton's signature is engraved on the granite stone in red letters. A certificate of authenticity is remitted with each cast

Dimensions 23x12x11 cm, weight 2,8 kg.

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