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Bugatti Walking Panther

Bugatti Walking Panther
An artistic cast bronze, with the Benneton stamped signature and a mumbered series of 100 items.
3.300,00 €

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Born in an artist family in Milan, in 1884, Rembrandt settled in Paris with his parents in 1904. He regularly visited the flower garden in Paris (« Le jardin des plantes ») where he met the famous founder Hébrard who made him signed an exclusive contract edition.

From 1905 on, he exhibits his work in the autumn show in the Grand Palais of Paris, and makes friend with famous artists like Modigliani, Picasso, Derain or Apollinaire. Responding to an invitation from the Zoology Royal Society, he sets up in 1907 in Antwerp, where he stays until 1914, with exhibitions in Brussels and Liege.

Benneton Graveur propose this new exceptional cast, numbered on 100 copies. The brown patina underlines the qualities of this work, showing Buggati’s signature on the terrace.

Height : 32 cm, Length : 43 cm, Width : 48 cm, Weight : 20 kg (base included).



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