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Bronze cast "the yawning lioness"

Bronze cast
a rare cast from Rembrandt Bugatti, published by Benneton Graveur in a limited edition of 50 copies bearing the Benneton stamp
4.500,00 €

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Bronze cast "the yawning lioness"

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This rare cast was first published in 1903 when the artrist was still a teenager. The impressive technique developped by Bugatti from the early beginnings is clearly at work.

It represents a real revolution at the turn of the very classical XIXth century. The finger traces remain visible, thus getting away from the naturalism and though catching the animal's true nature. The manner could be compared to the one of the impressionist painters of his time.

The original casting of this lioness has been made by the famours foundry Hebrard, and only four samples have been retrieved and identified so far, all of them inside private collections.

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